Hi, I'm Xhevi Qafmolla How to read this? ‚Äď Product & UX designer
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Fast Page Scroll

2012 · My first Chrome extension. Double click on the page's corners to instantly scroll to the top or bottom. No UI, no extra buttons, no settings. Inspired by 37 signals & Basecamp.

I wrote an article about a few things I've learned in this project.


At peaks the extension exceeds 25k views and 40+ installations per day

Public Transport Prague

Preview iPhone Preview Apple watch

2015 · An iOS app that shows departure times for all lines from nearest stops from user's current location. No input is required and therefore no control interfaces. Data are in GTFS format, which is standard in many metropoles and the app will function as-is also in other cities e.g. Berlin, NY, London etc. Works both on iPhone and Apple watch.

In cooperation with Tom√°Ň° Proch√°zka.



Preview O2 Active

2015 ¬∑ O2 TV app offers live channels, movie rental and advaconced features like timeshift, recording etc. To improve the sales within the app, O2 is making a complete revision of the key pages (approx. 20 pages). Currently we are also working on an improved concept of the Web app.

The project's output consists of web & mobile app IA, prototypes, intro video for app splash screen, user testing¬†& complete designs. The project is still in progress under NDA, details and results will be presented in the future.

In cooperation with Tom√°Ň° Proch√°zka.

IA App

Information architecture

O2 Active

Preview O2 Active

2015 ¬∑ O2 Active app is like iTunes for Czech market. It serves for purchasing, downloading and consuming digital content like apps, music, books, magazines etc. In this project the deliverables were the redesigned UI and prototypes for iOS and Android. Part of the process was also new app's IA & user testing.

In cooperation with Tom√°Ň° Proch√°zka.

Selected screens
All screens



2010‚Äď2013 ¬∑ O2 is the biggest telco provider in Czech republic. In a couple of projects we redesigned the company's main web www.o2.cz (consisting of several thousands pages), e-shop and self-service portal (My O2). All this was done using minimal resources and without need of deprioritizing company's other core projects. We introduced responsive designprinciples, design stencils and a modular framework for cost-cutting of content creation, which is still being used in the company. Design decisions were based on analytics, user tests and data-driven conclusions from hundreds of A/B tests.

In cooperation with Tom√°Ň° Proch√°zka2Fresh.

Iterations during Moje O2 redesign


Before / after (HP)

Detail page

Before / after (Product detail)

Moje O2

Before / after (Self-service login)

Moje O2

Before / after (Self-service dashboard)


Voice tariff order in new responsive e-shop