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Local Time—A Chrome extension that converts time on the pages you visit to your local time. No UI, no settings, just works. 1400+ active users and growing.

Fast Page Scroll—A Chrome extension to quickly scroll on long pages. No UI, no settings. 4500+ active users and growing. I wrote an article about a few things I learned in this project. Inspired by Basecamp.


Public Transport App—An experiment with UI and data. The app shows departure times of public transport lines from nearest stop, based on user's location. Data are in GTFS format, and the app functions in any city that provides data in this format (Berlin, NY, London etc.). In cooperation with Tomáš Procházka.

Preview O2 TV

O2 TV App—A commercial project for O2—the biggest Teclo provider in Czech republic. O2 TV offers live channel streams, movie rental and advanced features like timeshift, recording etc. In cooperation with Tomáš Procházka we deliver prototypes and designs for web & mobile apps.

Selected screens

O2 Active App—An iTunes-like app—O2 Active offers digital content (apps, music, e-books, magazines). In cooperation with Tomáš Procházka we redesigned UI for iOS/AN.

Moje, e-shop & My O2—Redesign of main web (1000+ pages), e-shop and My O2 (self-service portal). In 2010 we introduced responsive design principles, design patterns and a modular framework for cost-cutting of content creation, which is still being used by the company. Design decisions were based on analytics, user tests and data-driven conclusions from hundreds of A/B tests. In cooperation with Tomáš Procházka2Fresh.